There is no "best way"...


When I saw this word scrawled across the top of one of my papers in college, I instantly felt a sense of pride and accomplishment.  From my earliest days, perfection was the goal in every aspect of my life.  When my 5th grade art teacher gave me a "B" for the semester, I remember telling my mother that "B is for Bad, and I don't get B's!"

Little did I know how being a perfectionist would come back to haunt me in later years, when anxiety almost crippled me and I didn't know how to reconcile the fact that I was not, indeed, perfect.

Many therapy sessions and years of work on my self-worth have helped my perfectionism become grace.  Grace given to myself that I usually saved up for others.  I know that I am not perfect (far from it!) and I know that I still have value and worth.  I can still contribute.  I can still have an impact.  

And I refuse to be paralyzed by the grip of perfectionism anymore.

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