So, What is a Dating Coach?

So, what's a dating coach? And, why would I need one?

I have worked with clients whose spouses have passed away unexpectedly or who have not been "on the market" for many years due to a long-term relationship. Some of them haven't dated since the 1980's! How times have changed. Their bodies don't look the same, they wouldn't even know how to download a dating app, or what to do if someone "swiped right" on them anyway.

I work with people whose self-esteem has been so shattered by a blindside divorce that they can't even imagine putting themselves out there again anyway. I work with sweet, lonely hearts who couldn't imagine someone would want them. I assure them that they have so much to offer and all it takes is finding the right fit.

If you find yourself in the Kansas City area and would like help navigating the dating scene, working on your confidence, or putting together a winning online dating profile, give me a call at Mended Relationship Counseling at 816-200-7626. Please visit our website at for more information on all of our counseling services.

Dating doesn't have to be dreadful!