Why is Self-Worth Important?

I have been so surprised by many things during the year and a half that I have been counseling.  However, nothing has surprised me as much as how a person's lack of self-worth seems to ravage their life.  A deficit in self-worth can lead to making all kinds of destructive decisions, such as choosing an abusive partner, falling into a food addiction, or sabotaging attempts to better oneself in other ways.

I believe that every person was created with a unique value and light that many times they themselves cannot see.  As a therapist, I feel it is my role to help my clients see that value, celebrate their unique qualities, and move past those self-sabotaging tendencies.  

If I can help you rebuild your self-worth (or discover it in the first place), please reach out to me and set up an appointment.  I can't guarantee your life will change overnight, but with some hard work, it can change.