Ready for the Holidays?

Family gatherings, turkey dinners, football games and Santa Claus...many of us enjoy spending time with our loved ones during this time of year.  But, for some of us, family gatherings bring a special kind of stress and anxiety that makes us dread those get-togethers.  So, how do we not only survive but THRIVE during the holiday season?

The magical word is "boundaries".  If your Great Aunt Martha (all names have been changed to protect the guilty) asks you every single Thanksgiving WHY you have not found a boyfriend, this year might be the year to let her know that you are very happily single and do not need a man to make you happy!  If you can't stand the way your brothers always fight with one another, make it your mission to take the young cousins outside to play tag in the yard.  Or, as a good friend once suggested, nominate yourself the official photographer for the day and capture the moments that everyone else is too busy to notice.

With healthy boundaries intact, you will feel less likely to internalize negative comments or interactions.  If you need help working on your boundaries, I'd love to help.